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AI predicts what the last selfies before Earth dies will look like

AI predicts what the last selfies before Earth dies will look like
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With the world feeling ever closer to armageddon than ever before, an artificial intelligence programme has predicted what the last ever selfie taken before the Earth ends will look like.

The horrifying images show the disturbing way the AI predicts the world is going to end and look remarkably like something out of a Hollywood blockbuster.

The pictures were created by DALL-E 2, an AI image generator, and shared by a TikTok account called Robot Overloards which posts images the AI has produced based on user prompts.

Four different selfies were created by the AI. They show the programme’s depiction of human beings standing in front of various fiery and foreboding backgrounds, some with their faces mutilated and bloody.

In one of the horrifying images, the person taking the selfie looked like a corpse with no flesh left on their face.

The TikTok was captioned, “Asking an Ai to show the last selfie ever taken” and has been viewed 12.7 million times.

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Asking an Ai to show the last selfie ever taken #creepy#scary#ai#midjourney#dalle2 #foryoupage

Over 14,500 comments have been left on the video by horrified viewers.

One person commented: “Well I will just continue, not sleeping.”

Another wrote: “POV: u drink from a plastic straw.”

Someone else joked: “At least the camera quality is good.”

“ok but has anyone noticed that all the backgrounds are same just from diffrent angles,” someone suggested

Another TikTok user pointed out that planet Earth can be seen in one of the pictures, writing: “DID NOBODY NOTICE EARTH IN THE 2ND ONE.”

Responding, someone else commented: “maybe we will have a way to live on another planet by then.”

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