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AI can now show you new angles on your favourite memes

AI can now show you new angles on your favourite memes

Rarely a day goes by at the moment without another breakthrough in artificial intelligence that seemingly fascinates and horrifies us in equal measure.

The newest trend around AI involves the expansion of pre-existing pictures to show what the wider surroundings of the image would have looked like.

While that doesn't sound particularly controversial it did manage to spark a debate when creators started using the tool to imagine what the surroundings of famous paintings like the Mona Lisa would have looked like.

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That was already considered controversial enough, as tampering with famous masterworks is big no-no, how would the internet feel when AI starts messing with their beloved memes?

AI educator and designer Linus Ekenstam decided to test this by checking what AI thought was going on behind-the-scenes of some of the most popular memes ever.

Using Generative Fill, the new Photoshop AI he took a look at memes like 'distracted boyfriend' and 'Hide the pain Harold' and these are the results.

Other memes that Ekenstam looked at included the 'Change my mind' memes and the 'Woman yelling at a cat' meme.

The debate around AI continues to linger on with some individuals experimenting with it in new and complex ways.

One developer claims that he managed to 'clone' his girlfriend using ChatGPT. Meanwhile, musician Grimes, who has previously championed the technology is now claiming that it poses an "extinction risk."

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