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If conspiracy theorists wildly speculate enough, then surely they'll stumble across the truth at some point. Well, this spooky discovery might just be it.

Alien obsessed YouTuber Tyler Glockner spotted a bizarre line stretching 13,000 miles across the planet, all the way from Antarctica to the North Pole.

The line resembles a contrail left by an aeroplane but, according to Glockner, it is far too long and wide. On a video he shared to his YouTube channel secureteam10, he said:

There are obviously hundreds of thousands of contrails by planes but we cannot see them.

Whatever created this cloud formation, if that’s what it is, would have to be massive.

Not only that, it would have the ability to go from Antarctica spanning 13,000 miles in a straight line all the way to the North Pole without stopping and without changing direction.

It would have to do this fast enough to leave this entire line of clouds in perfect condition like it moved over the Earth in a matter of seconds or minutes.

People had some interesting theories to explain the bizarre line.

If the line is as it appears - and that's a big if - it could have been produced by a new type of jet capable of extreme speeds.

But one YouTube commenter had an alternative explanation:

it's Santa Claus testing his new ride

While another offered:

The light, defenitly alien origin.

The line is magnetic energy from the Antarctic to the north.

Definitely interesting times to live.

That or it's a glitch on Google Earth. But we prefer the record-breaking secret jet explanation.

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