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People who have Androids are more honest and trustworthy than iPhone owners, study finds

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If you have an iPhone, sorry – but you don’t come across too favourably in a study comparing you to Android users.

Actually, you have lower levels of honesty-humility – a personality measure that includes sincerity, honesty, faithfulness, loyalty and modesty.

More than 500 participants answered questions about themselves and their attitudes to their smartphones for researchers at the University of Lincoln, Lancaster University, and the University of Hertfordshire.

The researchers found that iPhone users are also more likely to see their phone as a status symbol than Android users, have higher levels of emotionality, and are more likely to be extroverted.

Android users were less interested in wealth and social status, and were more honest and agreeable. The study, published in the journal Cyberpsychology, Behaviour, and Social Networking, found they were also less likely than iPhone users to break rules for personal gain.

Based on their findings, the researchers designed a computer programme aimed at predicting what smartphone people owned. The programme guessed correctly 70 per cent of the time.

Impressive. But not as impressive as my lovely, shiny new iPhone.

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