Woman discovers catfish after texting android phone user wearing apple watch in ...

Apparently, Apple Watch has told some women to work out for 20 minutes ... to celebrate International Women's Day (March 8).

On Monday, Jill Filipovic, a writer and lawyer, took to her Twitter to share a screenshotted image of her watch and the strange message that popped up on the screen.

"International Women's Day Challenge. March 8 is a day to celebrate women around the world! Earn this award by doing any workout for 20 minutes or more," the message in question said.

"What the women of the world really need on International Women's Day is to… exercise for 20 minutes. #IWD2022," Filipovic wrote as her caption for the post.

She also followed up with another tweet asking men if they happened to receive the message as well.

"Men of the world, did your Apple watch tell you anything about International Women's Day, or was the directive to work out only aimed at the ladies?" she asked.

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People took to the comments of her post, expressing their shock at the message. Other women, who got the same alert, shared their own accounts and reactions when they saw the message.

"I cackled when I saw this this morning. I think I'm going to celebrate #IWD2022 by sitting on my ass and not doing anything for anyone but myself!" one wrote.

"Same reaction. We should all be able to just sleep all day tomorrow," another added.

A third wrote: "And a reminder that you're prettier when you smile? WTF is this."

Someone else, who is a man and didn't receive this notification on their watch, added: "Whoa, I haven't gotten this challenge on my watch (I'm a man). Did they really only send this to women???"

Indy100 reached out to Apple for comment.

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