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The Beano just destroyed the concept of NFTs by comparing them to farts

The Beano just destroyed the concept of NFTs by comparing them to farts
Jimmy Fallon shows off his Bored Ape NFT
Jimmy Fallon Live

We didn’t see it coming, but The Beano has delivered one of the most emphatic takes on NFTs yet, completely destroying the entire concept by comparing them to farts.

Trust us, we’re just as surprised as you.

A scene from a recent instalment of the Bash Street Kids comic strip from the long-running publication presents a sideways look at investing in NFTs.

Of course, lots of people are talking about non-fungible tokens at the moment, which is essentially a 'token' to say you own a digital item.

Ownership is tracked through the blockchain and information is recorded in such a way that makes it difficult or impossible to hack or cheat the system.

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The Beano has an interesting take on the whole thing, with the new edition showing two characters in a playground, with one behind a stall with the sign “Niffy Fart Trading - farts 50p each”.

“What’s this about,” one asks, with the other replying: “It’s simple - I’m selling farts! Only 50p each! Rock-bottom prices!”

He goes on to say: “You get that certificate that says you own the fart! Wherever it is, you own it and it’s unique! It’s the only fart like that anywhere in the world!”

And just like that, the entire concept was tarnished forever.

Meanwhile, the world of NFTs continues to make headlines around the world, and a student recently upped the stakes after putting his soul on sale in the form of a digital artwork.

The 21-year-old Hague art academy student Stijn van Schaik is putting the very unusual item up for prospective buyers on marketplace OpenSea.

And while the NFT boom might have left some people a little unconvinced in the past, Wladimir Kiltschko might have just found the best possible use for them by raising money for the defences by selling NFTs.

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