A student is selling his soul as an NFT

A student is selling his soul as an NFT
Jimmy Fallon shows off his Bored Ape NFT

The world of NFTs can be a strange place at times, and now a student has upped the stakes after putting his soul on sale in the form of a piece of digital artwork.

A 21-year-old Hague art academy student, named Stijn van Schaik, is putting the unusual item up for prospective buyers on marketplace OpenSea, as Crypto Insiders reports.

Called the “Soul of Stinus”, the item is ready to be uploaded onto the blockchain and sold to the highest bidder.

Van Schaik writes: “Hello person, you are currently looking at a soul. For now it is mine. Once it is fully uploaded on the blockchain, who knows what will happen. What does it mean for a soul to be decentralised? Let us find out.”

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Once it’s in the customer’s possession, Van Schaik is happy for the 'soul' to be used in any way possible, too.

“Example uses of the Soul which would be permitted under these terms include (but are not limited to): ...Sacrificing or offering said Soul, in whole or in part, to any deity or spiritual entity,” he wrote.

The 21-year-old is putting his soul up for saleJustin Tallis/AFP via Getty Images

There is, however, a "sale of soul agreement" which sets out who the soul can be sold onto – and, we presume, to avoid the kind of situation that plays out in classic Simpsons episode 'Bart Sells His Soul', where Milhouse ends up selling Bart’s soul to Comic Book Guy.

Will this be the first of many people offering up their soul in the form of digital art? It’s certainly one direction we didn’t see the NFT community going at any rate...

A non-fungible token (NFT), in case you missed it, is essentially a 'token' to say you own a digital item.

Ownership is tracked through the blockchain, a system that records information in a way that makes it difficult or impossible to change, hack, or cheat the system.

Meanwhile, the NFT boom might have left some people a little unconvinced in the past, Wladimir Kiltschko might have just found the best possible use for them.

The former world heavyweight champion and his brother Vitali, who is the mayor of Kyiv, are both currently fighting for their country against Russian troops and now they’re raising money for the defences by selling NFTs.

Paris Hilton and Jimmy Fallon bonded over their shared love for Bored Ape NFTs at the start of the year, and now there are loads of celebs getting involved.

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