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AI has revealed what infamous 'Bigfoot' footage truly is

AI has revealed what infamous 'Bigfoot' footage truly is
Dramatic footage claims to show new sighting of Bigfoot – so do …

It’s footage that’s fascinated conspiracy theorists for decades, but artificial intelligence is making people look at the most famous alleged sighting of ‘Bigfoot’ in a new light.

Back in 1967, a clip known as the Patterson–Gimlin film claimed to show the mysterious creature, also known as ‘sasquatch’, walking through the Six Rivers National Forest in California.

Roger Patterson and Robert Gimlin shot a figure moving in the woods in low resolution footage and claimed that they had discovered proof of the urban legend known as Bigfoot.

The pair claimed at the time they tracked the figure before setting up filming equipment and capturing grainy video which looks briefly at the camera.

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While it was dismissed by the scientific community at the time and seen as a hoax by most people, it’s been poured over by conspiracy theorists ever since.

It’s been analysed many times since, but new artificial intelligence has been used to present a clearer image than ever before.

The clip has been stabilised and de-grained, and the results are clearer than ever. Social media user Rowan Cheung often shares the “latest developments in the world of artificial intelligence” and he posted the footage.

Just as many conspiracists will have feared, the newly treated footage proves that it was clearly just a guy in a gorilla costume all along.

Yes, we all knew that already, but this newly developed footage offers the clearest look at an infamous piece of footage yet – and people were quick to react on social media.

“Nooppe! thats just a dude on his way to a costume party!” one wrote.

Another said: “This is the ai work we needed.”

One more said: “Just some bro out for a stroll.”

“So it’s a dude in a gorilla suit?” a comment read.

Artificial intelligence, it seems, has the power to surprise us when we least expect it.

It’s not the first time ‘Bigfoot’ has made headlines this year, after people claimed to have discovered a sighting via Google Maps.

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