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If you have blue eyes you may have a higher risk of alcoholism

If you have blue eyes you may have a higher risk of alcoholism

If you have blue eyes you may have a higher risk of alcoholism

Research from the University of Vermont suggests that there may be a link between those who have blue eyes and alcoholism.

The study, conducted in 2015, was led by Dr Arvis Sulovari and assistant professor Dawei Li, and was the first to draw a direct connection between the colour of someone's eyes and their risk of developing alcoholism.

Professor Li generated a database comprising of more than 10,000 individuals who have received a diagnosis for at least one psychiatric illness, including conditions such as addiction.

Speaking of the conditions, Li - an expert in microbiology and molecular genetics - explained that they were "complex disorders" and that "many genes" and "environmental triggers" were involved.

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The researchers used the database to identify those with a dependency on alcohol and discovered an interesting correlation.

They found that those with lighter colour eyes - especially blue - had greater rates of alcohol addiction. The researchers even checked three times to be sure of their findings.

"This suggests an intriguing possibility that eye colour can be useful in the clinic for alcohol dependence diagnosis," said Dr Sulovari.

The study also found that the genetic components that determine eye colour and those associated with excessive alcohol use share the same chromosome.

However, more tests and studies are going to have to take place in order for us to gain a deeper understanding of the potential link between eye colour and higher rates of alcohol dependency.

Researchers are still unsure as to why there is such a link. With professor Li saying that much of genetics is "still unknown".

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