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Sexual performance statistics can be shared with your ‘friends’ in what must be the most masochistic form of protection.

The i.Con by British Condoms is the world’s first ‘smart condom’, despite the fact that safe sex is always smart – right lads?

Despite its suggestive name, the i.Con is not actually a condom but a ‘ring’ that will sit over a condom at the base (for repeated use).

Early bird registrations for the device set the price at £59.99 (GBP) and it will be released some time in 2017. British Condoms states they are in the final stages of testing.

According to a spokesperson for British Condoms, pre-orders have already surpassed 164,000.

According to the manufacturers, the i.Con will use a Nano-chip to track speed, ‘speed of thrusts’, ‘average velocity of thrusts’, skin temperature, girth, and, calories burned. Most intimately, it will also measure duration and frequency.

They are currently beta testing a feature that will record different positions being used.

All the stats, and a ‘best performers’ list will be tracked via an accompanying i.Con app.

As this is a 'smart condom', and not just a measuring stick, the i.Con will also be able to ‘sense’ sexually transmitted infections, and will trigger an alert on your smart phone when it detects proteins or antigens that exist in STIs.

This 'antibodies filter' will need to be changed on a monthly basis.

The i.Con will charge with USB, and uses Bluetooth to transmit your statistics to the app.

Most science fiction is actually horror, and this lives up to the genre.

A spokesperson for British Condoms told indy100

Many outlets have mis-reported that the i.Con’s data is automatically shared on social media, which is very much not the case. Users have the option to share their data (anonymously or, if brave enough, not so anonymously) or can keep the info happily behind closed doors. The device isn’t just a data measuring tool, it’s also there to be used to help promote safer sex.

So if anyone with particularly impressive stats posts them, and says 'Oops, I'm so embarrassed, I didn't realise this would post automatically', you know they're full of it.

But also, check the stats before you pass too harsh a judgement. They may have earned a little hubris.

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