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These photos of Trump being arrested are very realistic but completely fake

These photos of Trump being arrested are very realistic but completely fake
Fake photos of former President Trump getting arrested goes viral

Despite predicting he will be arrested on Tuesday, former president Donald Trump has not actually been indicted… yet.

But that hasn’t stopped people from imagining what it would look like if Trump were to be arrested with the power of artificial intelligence image generators.

One Twitter user, Eliot Higgins, used Midjourney v5, to see what it would look like if Trump were to resist arrest, only to be taken down by a plethora of police officers.

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In his viral Twitter thread, Higgins used AI to generate fake images of Trump’s arrest, his family’s reactions, and his arraignment.

Eliot’s image of the fake Trump arrest went viral on Twitter.

Although some of the photos look particularly cartoonish, some people found a few of the images to be life-like.

“Legit thought these were real,” Chris responded.

Matt said, “We should really be putting watermarks on these that disclose they are AI-generated and not real.”

Several people questioned whether or not a few of the images were real because they came across so realistically.

Another Twitter user, who goes by The Infinite Dude, also posted a since deleted thread of photos he created using AI software showing Trump being arrested.

Twitter’s Community Notes added a note to the photos highlighted that there was no indication that Trump had been arrested.

Although some people noted that the fingers on The Infitite Dude’s images were slightly messy- showing the image was fake.

Rumours have been swirling online that a New York City grand jury is expected to indict Trump as soon as Tuesday for his involvement in hush money paid to Stormy Daniels in 2016.

The rumours were perpetuated by Trump himself on Truth Social, who claimed he would be arrested on Tuesday without any official guidance.

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