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On Saturday, it was reported by the chief political correspondent for the Financial Times that the next conservative manifesto would contain a pledge to cap household energy bills.

Work and Pensions Secretary Damian Green told ITV that people felt "taken advantage of" by energy firms and told Peston on Sunday:

There will be a lot about energy policy in the manifesto [and] obviously there will be more detail.

I think that people feel that some of the big energy companies have taken advantage of them with the tariffs they have got.

If this all sounds incredibly familiar, it's because it's bears impeccable similarities to a policy of Ed Miliband's in 2015.

As people pointed out.

Even Ed was furious, discarding his regular pinch of sass:

Mr Green said his party's promise was different to Miliband's 2015:

We would have [energy regulator] Ofgem setting the limits.

So it would be a cap, it would be more flexible, it would be able to reflect market conditions [and] the market would still have an influence.

That would mean in practical terms that if the oil price fell again, then consumers would benefit, which they wouldn't have done under [former Labour leader] Ed Miliband's proposal.

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