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Egg freezing and seven other weird Silicon Valley 'perks'

Egg freezing and seven other weird Silicon Valley 'perks'

Whether you think Facebook and Apple's offer to help pay for their female employees to freeze their eggs is intrusive or ingenious, it's not the only unusual perk on offer in Silicon Valley. Here are seven other notable benefits from across the tech world:

1. Marriage counselling

Deloitte offers this perk, according to the New York Times. It also offers help for issues such as infertility and subsidises personal trainers and nutritionists for staff.

2. Up to $5,000 in adoption assistance

That same New York Times article reports Facebook will offer its employees thousands of dollars to help them adopt. And if employees are working late, their families are allowed to come in and eat with them.

3. A bank, arcade and candy shop

Yep, those are even more of the benefits on offer at Facebook, as detailed in this video.

4. Nap pods

Meanwhile, Google has its own nap pods, according to Fortune magazine.

5. Ball pits

Like Ikea, Google also offers on-site ball pits.

6. A cleaner

Mashable reports employees at the Evernote app get their houses cleaned twice a month for free.

7. A secret room

Blogging start up Weebly boasts a secret room behind a bookcase.

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