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Facebook's long-awaited dislike button is not actually a dislike button

Facebook has launched its new ‘dislike’ button. Sort of.

The social network responded to calls for a dislike button by announcing a new series of emojis, which are called ‘reactions’.

The reactions represent “Love”, “Haha”, “Yay”, “Wow”, “Sad” and “Angry”, and look like this:

They will all fall under the banner of a ‘like’ at the present, and will sit alongside the traditional thumbs up on a post.

Users will be able to see, through a similar tally system to likes, who reacted and how to a given post. So you could get four 'hahas' or six 'yays' for a status rather than just ten boring old likes.

Facebook will be rolling out the new feature in Spain and Ireland for testing.

A 'thumbs down' button has not been included as it could be used for bullying. Facebook believes the new reactions will sufficiently express upset emotions, without being explicitly negative about a person's status.

Because, as we all know, the only method of expressing vitriol is by clicking the button of a downwards thumb and Facebook withholding this solves all online communication problems.

Hey. Hey, Facebook.

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