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We all know what's it's like on Facebook when someone's just got married or had a baby.

An endless stream of videos and pictures infiltrate your feed preventing you from seeing any hilarious memes from your other friends (that's what we all joined the website for, right?)

Thankfully, Facebook is now giving you the option to no longer revel in anyone else's annoying joy and are in the process of introducing a "snooze" feature.

It works in a similar fashion to the already existing "Unfollow" feature, which completely blocks anything a person posts from appearing on your feed without unfriending them.

However, snooze is a little bit kinder and will only block someone for a select period of time, either 24 hours, a week or 30 days.

That's perfect for avoiding those elongated celebrations without completely shutting someone out.

The feature is only being tested on a small number of users right now but will hopefully appear in the top-right menu of posts, where the unfollow button currently lives.

Facebook have previously tried versions of snooze - introducing the 'see less' functionality in 2012.

It proved to cause more confusion than help, as people's posts continued to appear in feeds.

This was eventually replaced by unfollow in 2014, which will continue to be an option alongside the snooze button.

In regards to snooze, a Facebook spokesperson told Tech Crunch:

We’re testing new ways to give people control over their News Feeds so they can stay connected with the stories they find most relevant.

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