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You can now get paid to play Football Manager as your full-time job

You can now get paid to play Football Manager as your full-time job

If you have ever found yourself falling down the endless rabbit hole that is Football Manager and believed that your ability to win the Champions League with Carlisle United would translate perfectly in the real world then we've got good news for you.

No this isn't a potential job with a lower league football team who are out of options and are deciding to count their losses and appoint a kid as the manager just because he is really good at the game, but a job with the highly addictive game's developers Sports Interactive.

The company is looking for someone to join their team as 'Football Manager QA tester' which is effectively someone who will test new features on the game and provide feedback as well as supporting users.

A job description on their website reads as follows:

Are you a devoted player & lover of Football Manager or can you bring an objectivity to deliver excellence to Football Manager?

We’d love you to join the team and help us make our games the best they can be!

As a QA Tester at Sports Interactive you’ll do more than just play the game.

You will be assessing new and existing features, evaluating data, providing valuable feedback on gameplay and balance, offering support to our users; and much more.

The role is available in a variety of disciplines including user interfaces, animation, gameplay, analysis and data.

Successful candidates will have to identify defects, provide verbal and written feedback, test new features, follow test plans through to completion and provide support to gamers via forums and social media.

Needless to say, this will be slightly more serious than you spent 'literally the whole of second trying to get Alfreton Town into the Prem' but the job doesn't require previous experience. The advert says 'a strong familiarity with Football Manager titles and a deep knowledge of football is expected' although that seems fair enough if you ask us.

The position is for a four-month fixed term contract but applications close on June 2 so hurry up you are interested. You can apply here.

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