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Mysterious 'golden egg' discovered at the bottom of the ocean leaves scientists baffled

Mysterious 'golden egg' discovered at the bottom of the ocean leaves scientists baffled
NOAA Submersible Finds Mysterious Sublinear Holes at the Bottom of the Ocean
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A mysterious golden object has been found at the bottom of the ocean by scientists exploring the Pacific Ocean and it has left them baffled.

The discovery was made on 30 August when a team of experts from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) were taking a closer look at an underwater volcano 250 miles off the coast of Alaska.

Experts, and members of the public viewing the live stream, caught a glimpse of the unusual gold orb two miles beneath the surface lodged into the side of the volcano and were left puzzled over what it could be.

It was found thanks to the NOAA’s Seascape Alaska 5 expedition that is currently mapping the seafloor of the Gulf of Alaska.

Those who made the discovery at the foot of the volcano also noted there was a mysterious hole in the side of the orb, with one researcher suggesting on the live stream that “Something tried to get in...or to get out”.

NOAA Ocean Exploration

Scientists bantered back and forth about what the egg-like object could be and ultimately decided to take a sample that could be analysed.

The texture of the orb was not as they had expected and was more of a silky, delicate consistency. An arm from the robotic vehicle was used to suction the orb in order for scientists to determine its origins with laboratory testing.

The NOAA Seascape Alaska 5 expedition is due to end in mid-September and aims to fill the gaps that experts have about the sea beds off the USA’s west coast.

It began on 24 August in Kodiak, Alaska and will come to an end in Seward, Alaska on 16 September.

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