Picture: HStocks/istock
Picture: HStocks/istock

There are secret games on Facebook.

No, this is not a drill.

As if you didn’t spend enough time on social media, Facebook have been keeping mum about games that you can play if you have the latest version of Messenger installed.

You’re welcome.


Open up a chat between you and a friend, send them the basketball emoji. Click on the emoji and start playing!


Similar to the basketball game, this time you send your friend a football emoji and a little 'play' option comes up on the screen. Click it and you get to waste away the hours...


This one is slighty more complex. Again, open up Messenger and click on a friend you want to play with. Then, type in "@fbchess" into the message bar and hit enter. The chess board will show up on your screen.

P is Pawn, K is King, Q is Queen, B is Bishop, N is knight, and R is Rook. If you want to move your Queen to C5 for example, you type in @fbchess Qc5.

Wave goodbye to the remnants of your free time.

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