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Here's what happens when you put a Samsung Galaxy S7 phone in a washing machine

Picture: YouTube/Max Lee
Picture: YouTube/Max Lee

Phones and water are rarely a formula for success.

Supposedly 'waterproof' phones have had to backtrack on the label in the past, and the old 'rice in a sandwich bag' method is likely familiar ground to anyone who's dropped a phone in a sink, toilet or glass of water.

So what happens when you put a Samsung that touts waterproof features in a washing machine?

It survives (apparently)

YouTuber Max Lee decided to put the Galaxy S7's waterproof IP68 rating to the test by putting it in a washing machine for 45 minutes - with only a phone case to protect it.

After the brutality of a centrifugal three quarters of an hour, the phone comes out apparently functioning - to Lee's surprise

The camera works, as does the touch screen and the screen isn't cracked.

Well played, Samsung. Well played

Although, given the history of waterproof phones, it's probably going to void your warranty and yield less favourable results if you put yours in a spin cycle - best to give any home experiments a swerve.

Watch the full video below:

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