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If your password is one of these, change it

If your password is one of these, change it

Mark Zuckerberg appeared to fall victim to hackers this week after rogue messages appeared on several of his social media accounts.

Attackers broke into the Facebook founder's Twitter and Pinterest accounts claiming they had found his passwords in a huge LinkedIn data dump.

The passwords were stolen in 2012 but only made public last week and were reportedly being sold online.

Cyber security is of increasing importance - but how many of us act on it in a serious way? Very few, it would appear.

SplashData, a password management company, has released the most common passwords used in 2015.

Simple numerical patterns and keyboard sequences make up the bulk of the list.

While you can't defend against huge data leaks, you can defend yourself against someone guessing your very easy password.

The 10 most common passwords are:

1. 123456 (unchanged from 2014)

2. password (unchanged)

3. 12345678 (up 1)

4. qwerty (up 1)

5. 12345 (down 2)

6. 123456789 (unchanged)

7. football (up 3)

8. 1234 (down 1)

9. 1234567 (up 2)

10. baseball (down 2)

If your password is one of these, probably best to change it.

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