Introducing your new favourite (pointless) invention - Air Umbrella

From the humble horse and cart to the automobile, from the quill and parchment to the mighty desktop computer, mankind has never failed to strive for improvement.

Continuing that trend of innovation, a company in China has successfully hit its crowdfunding target of $10,000 (£6,250) in order to ditch the utterly archaic umbrella and replace it with the highly impressive and totally innovative Air Umbrella.

In fact, so popular has it been on Kickstarter that the designers have managed to raise over $14,000, and they now hope to take the groundbreaking invention out of the research and development stage and into production, with three versions mooted.

The air umbrella works by propelling out a small dome of, um, air which forms a protective barrier for the person holding it.

The engineering behind the invention
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