Leak suggests Apple is changing iPhone chargers again so your old cables will be useless

According to an apparent iPhone leak that was posted on social media, smartphone behemoths Apple may be planning to ditch their iconic ‘lightening connector’ chargers.

The instantly recognisable lightening charger has been a staple on the iPhone since 2012 when it replaced the previously standard 30-pin dock connector - rendering their previous chargers useless.

At the time iPhone owners were left furious with many feeling that they’d been short changed and forced by Apple into buying a new charger wasn’t really necessary. And now it looks like it’s all about to kick off again.

There were already whispers that Apple would be considering switching up their lightening connector chargers for USB-C ones but the rumour mill didn’t get itself into a real frenzy until these recent images were shared on social media.

Posted on Twitter by Raphael Mouton, the image apparently shows a charging iPhone 11 resting on a MacBook keyboard.

On the screen an image of a USB-C cable can be clearly seen in place of the lightening connector usually seen on iOS 12. A laptop can also be seen on the screen, heavily hinting towards the move.

USB-C chargers have been more or less a standard on Android devices for some time now, their killer application being that they are reversible - they can work whichever way they’re plugged in - and that their thin, sleek design makes them perfect for smartphones and tablet devices.

The chargers were designed using USB 3.1 and USB 2.0 technology and are able to charge devices much faster than previous iterations.

If the move goes ahead your current iPhone charger will be rendered redundant and no longer be compatible with newly released iPhones and certain other devices.

At present the current iPhone ligtening connctors retail for around £20, although it’s unknown if this price will change should Apple decide to update the cables for their next release.

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