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Ivanka Trump received the 'Internet Freedom Award' and people have a lot of questions

Ivanka Trump/Twitter

When you hear the words 'Internet Freedom' the last person that we would think to be deserving of it would be Ivanka Trump.

Yet, according to a tech industry lobbying group called the 'Internet Association', the president's daughter was worthy of receiving the '2019 Internet Freedom Award.'

The group is made up of some major tech firms including Google, Uber, Amazon, Twitter, Spotify, PayPal and Facebook and according to their president and CEO, Michael Beckerman, Ivanka's 'extraordinary contributions to the internet economy' saw her pick up the gong.

Thanks to Ms. Trump’s leadership, we have seen bipartisan support for increased opportunities and we are excited to present her with an Internet Freedom Award at this year’s gala.

The Internet Freedom Award recognises Ms. Trump’s extraordinary contributions to public policy and the internet economy.

The group was founded in 2012 in an attempt to lobby the US government, courts, federal and state agencies as well as foreign governments on issues such as election advertising, net neutrality and content moderation.

However, considering Ivanka's father can basically say whatever he wants on Twitter and recently asked his supporters to share their views on internet censorship and also their contact details.

With all this in mind, people have a lot of questions about Ivanka receiving this award about so-called 'internet freedom' with others pointing out the many problems with awarding a member of the Trump family this award.

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