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The James Webb Telescope photo of the universe is the internet's new favourite meme

The James Webb Telescope photo of the universe is the internet's new favourite meme
Joe Biden unveils outer space image from the James Webb Space Telescope
The White House

The first pictures from the James Webb Space Telescope have offered a view of the universe never seen before – but all anyone can focus on is the memes.

US president Joe Biden revealed the first image of deep space which offers the further glimpse back in time that humanity has ever seen.

"The first image from the Webb Space Telescope represents a historic moment for science and technology," Biden wrote on Twitter.

“For astronomy and space exploration. And for America and all humanity."

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Ever since the stunning images were revealed, science fans have been sharing their excitement about the implications of the deepest views of the universe.

The incredible images were revealed this weekNASA via Getty Images

Not only that, but the first dizzying image has become the internet’s new favourite meme.

While some expressed wonderment, others were quick to be a little more flippant – comparing it to everything from birds to bowling alley carpets.

Interdisciplinary scientist on the James Webb Space Telescope project Heidi Hammel told the Independent in an interview about the new images: “[Webb] is a positive example of what we as a species can do when people of good faith work across national boundaries to share a dream and dare to do amazing things. Humanity is the better for it.”

“JWST will revolutionize our understanding of the cosmos across an enormous range of scales,” he said, “from the properties of planets orbiting other nearby stars, to the first stars that formed out of primordial gas in the universe’s dark ages, not long after the Big Bang.”

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