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Man spends £50k on iPhones for marriage proposal, girlfriend says no

(Picture: YouTube/The Young Turks
(Picture: YouTube/The Young Turks

A man in China reportedly spent two years' worth of his annual salary to create a giant heart-shape made from iPhone 6s as a prop to propose to his girlfriend. She said no.

According to the Telegraph, the programmer from the city of Guangzhou was so sick of being single that he spent more than £50,000 on the stunt before proposing in front of a crowd of onlookers, with the resulting photos ending up on Chinese social networking site Weibo.

Today is Singles' Day in China, a type of reverse Valentine's Day, where single people spend lots of money on material goods to celebrate the fact they are single.

In hindsight, trying to convince someone that you're marriage material by splurging two years' worth of hard-earned cash on mobile phones probably isn't the best idea.

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