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The Ministry of Defence has hired sci-fi writers to imagine what WW3 will look like

The Ministry of Defence has hired sci-fi writers to imagine what WW3 will look like
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You know what they say - life imitates art.

The Ministry of Defense (MoD) has taken creative measures in preparing for a possible World War III down the line by commissioning two science fiction writers to imagine eight future scenarios.

The stories, written by PW Singer and August Cole, are told in various formats to explain how technology, warfare, and international affairs may contribute to another world war.

Possible scenarios range from robots, AI, drones, and biotechnology to energy, power, and human enhancement.

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The authors conducted “extensive research” into the subject matter featured in each story by interviewing experts. Then by weaving together their research with narratives, they created the eight stories.

Chief Scientific Adviser to the MoD, Dame Angela McLean said, “Defence needs to harness the creativity and vision of this sector to further stimulate foresight and innovation to develop agile and resilient solutions for the future.”

The first story, called A glimmer of hope focuses on how the advancement of quantum computing could put one nation at a major advantage, told through a Q and A narrative.

A model peace is a narrative about how companies and nations dominate others using massive data sets to manipulate or simulate anything from military campaigns to businesses, to individuals.

The third story, Chasing glory, outlines how computing paradigms could “have profound implications for security and society.” The story is a third-person telling of a journalist’s broadcast as he travels with robots and AI.

The measure of a mind explains how cyberpsychology can predict and manipulate the way people think, told through a research report on a world leader conducted by an artificial intelligence system.

The potential power of AI is explored in the narrative The AI of Beresford bridge.

The sixth story, Silent skies focuses on how advanced drones could cause incredible damage to cities, as told through a fake news report.

Green wars is an obituary about an imagined prominent figure in the renewable energy sector. It shows how green energy could cause political turmoil.

The final story, The Solstice Cup, explores how advancements in biotechnology and pharmaceuticals can enhance humans.

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