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A new Star Wars film has been made using just AI

A new Star Wars film has been made using just AI
Darth Vader is coming to Fortnite

An artist using AI technology has managed to create a new short Star Wars film about Darth Vader using nothing but the ChatGPT bot for the plot and Midjourney for the imagery.

YouTube is currently awash with AI recreations of famous movies and TV shows such as the Simpsons and the Avengers which have all been given a 1980s-style sitcom makeover.

Now it's the turn of Star Wars, however, this time it's not been turned into a sitcom. Instead, a whole new Star Wars story has been created using just artificial intelligence.

The YouTube channel TheArtofAi shared the video, which is less than two minutes long, back in January and it has since been viewed more than 3000 times. In the story, Vader is tasked by Emperor Palpatine to retrieve a powerful ancient artifact that is being protected on a remote planet by a small band of Jedi Knights.

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You can guess where this story goes. Vader touches down on the planet and a battle ensues between him and the Jedi until he is victorious. Once he returns the artifact to Palpatine, Vader has a moment of reflection and begins to question his role in the Dark Side.

You can watch the short film below.

Using AI to Create a Star Wars Short Story: Darth

In terms of story, this is fairly basic and lacks the kind of language that we have become accustomed to in Star Wars films but it is nonetheless impressive, given that it was written by a robot and could possibly pass a college exam.

ChatGPT started making waves at the tail end of 2022 but has now begun to spark real concern amongst the tech elites as it has shown a greater understanding of commands from users.

In comparison, Midjourney has not quite had the same reach in popularity but is arguably even more impressive given that it can create detailed images of whatever the user is asking for. That being said there is also concern about fake AI images after 'deepfake porn' of singer Billie Eilish went viral on TikTok last year.

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