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This new browser app will help you get rid of annoying work colleagues

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We've all been there. A colleague comes over, with half a reason to chat, but really they're just killing time.

You're busy. You have 15 different tasks due in the next five minutes. You don't have time for a chin-wag.

Instead of listening to them guffaw over some old crap, imagine if you could just hit a button that made them go away?

Well, now you can. Sort of.

Presenting: the 'Nope' button.

It's a Chrome extension that lets you, at the tap of a button, get a bailout phone call.

Genius, right? Just sneakily clip the button and you'll instantly have a reason to interrupt Maureen from accounts while she's telling you about her grand kids.

The extension is a marketing campaign by Breather, a workspace sharing service, but many seem to have enjoyed its functionality so far.

There's one issue - the service is only operational in some countries at the moment, and that selection appears to not include the UK (We tried it ourself - no joy).

We had to listen to Joe chatting endlessly about politics. It was tawdry.

But, if you're a US user or want to bookmark it for if they ever rollout UK support, enjoy!

HT: Lifehacker

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