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Obama sends Redditors handwritten note after net neutrality ruling

On Thursday America's Federal Communications Commission delivered a landmark ruling in support of net neutrality, voting to implement regulations which will help prevent internet service providers creating so called 'fast lanes' for users willing to pay more.

As Andrew Buncombe reports:

The rules will mean any company providing a broadband connection has to act in the public interest and conduct business in ways that are “just and reasonable”.

Reddit has been a constant supporter of net neutrality and its users lobbied the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) about the ruling.

Their efforts did not go unnoticed: after the ruling Barack Obama sent the site a handwritten note to thank them, alongside a longer message.

Here is Obama's full message for Redditors:

Earlier today, the FCC voted to protect a free and open internet — the kind of internet that allows entrepreneurs to thrive and debates over duck-sized horses and horse-sized ducks to persist.

This would not have happened without the activism and engagement of millions of Americans like you. And that was a direct result of communities like reddit.

So to all the redditors who participated in this movement, I have a simple message: Thank you.

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