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This reimagining of the perfect human body is absolutely terrifying

This reimagining of the perfect human body is absolutely terrifying



Trying to imagine the perfect body is a minefield.

Celebrating body shapes of all forms and sizes should be the norm but just ask the many body positive activists on Instagram how difficult that is.

With that in mind, the anatomist Alice Roberts attempted to construct the perfect human body based on research into animal evolution.

The idea was to create a body that was void of any human imperfections and include all the perfect elements that animals possess.

As you can imagine, this created something of a Frankenstein's Monster - as rather than looking like a standard human being it came complete with several and noticeably odd features from the animal kingdom.

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These included large eyes, ears, the lower back of a chimpanzee, the legs of an emu, a chest without breasts, the heart of a dog and a marsupial pouch.

On paper that sounds horrifying but in reality, it was much worse. The final result was unveiled on the BBC Four show Can Science Make Me Perfect?and you can see the reveal below.

Yeah, we're not entirely sure about this. The child's head poking out of the stomach is a bit much and we can't see it catching on.

At least the hands are still the same meaning that we needn't fear ever being separated from our smartphone no matter how much we evolve.

Even Roberts herself was horrified with the result, saying:

"Oh no, I can’t look at her...The baby’s the weirdest thing. That is the weirdest thing but it's very very cute at the same time."

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