Now that we are all being forced to stay at home, we have been reduced to only a few activities that don't involve binge-watching Tiger King on Netflix.

As previously reported, people are watching a lot more porn, so much so, that Pornhub are letting everyone (of the legal age, of course) access their premium subscription content for absolutely free.

This is great, but without going into too much detail you should probably wash your hands after viewing any sort of videos of that nature... which is another very important activity that we should all be doing right now, especially after being outside.

Without medication or any form of a vaccine, washing your hands is the best way to prevent yourself from getting coronavirus but what if there was a way to jazz up this experience and take your handwashing to the next level?

Introducing Scrubhub, which is a partnership between Pornhub and Amazon Dating to spread awareness on the importance of handwashing during the pandemic.

The parody site has an almost identical layout to Pornhub but features nothing but videos of people washing their hands. The clips do have names that wouldn't be out of place on a porn site and have all been uploaded by users who have the sort of names you would expect to see on the site and no, we are not going to write them down here. You'll just have to go and look for yourself.

In a press release, Ani Acopian and Suzy Shinn, the creators of the site as well as Amazon Dating, said:

Over the past few weeks, the one thing that has been repeated by literally everyone – politicians, scientists, celebrities and athletes – has been the importance of washing your hands thoroughly with soap and water to protect against this virus. We thought this presented a unique opportunity for Pornhub to bring some joy to something that has become so mundane and repetitive. Scrubhub started as a fun idea that, thanks to Pornhub’s platform, we’ve turned into a destination for creativity and connection for the greater good.

Scrubhub, is not just a bit of levity during these worrying times, it will also be accepting charitable donations which will be forwarded to two charities, helping bring food and supplies to at-risk areas and providing health meals to health care workers in Los Angeles. Acopian and Shinn add:

We’re proud to be partnering with our friends at Invisible Hands and Frontline Foods to make a difference and raise money for those affected by COVID-19.

So, next time you fancy getting your rocks off but also want to maintain your personal hygiene and do something decent, head over to Scrubhub but perhaps still keep it in your incognito browser just to avoid any awkward conversations.

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