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Video of realistic robot with human features has the internet terrified

Video of realistic robot with human features has the internet terrified

The internet has been spooked by a robot with scarily realistic features with many commenting how it’s only a matter of time before they take over the world.

Ameca is a robot designed by the British company Engineered Arts, who regularly post robotic content on their social media platforms - but this particular clip posted to their YouTube channel on Wednesday (December 1) has gone viral with over 680,000 views.

In the clip, Ameca can be seen snoozing with its eyes closed and face slouched down before it rotates its shoulder and suddenly awakens, opening its eyes before scoping out the room. Then the robot studies its hands and at the end of the clip, looks directly at the camera and gives a grin (not creepy at all...)

On the Engineered Arts website, it says that Ameca “contains some software which can be described as ‘artificially intelligent,’” but that its main purpose is to “be a platform for developing AI.”

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As well as going viral on YouTube, the video was uploaded to Twitter by user @terrill who appeared concerned at what he watched after he included the caption: “I don’t know man.”

It seems that everyone was also equally as fascinated and uncertain as the video has received a staggering 20m views, with the tweet receiving 285,000 likes, and over 100,000 shares in retweets and quote tweets, at the time of writing.

Of course, many people were not fans of Ameca and were concerned about what the robot could mean for humans in the future.

While others didn’t understand why people were so freaked out by Ameca, noting that similar technology is being used in other products today and humans themselves are just as harmful to themselves.

Some even cracked a few jokes at the robot’s expense... let hope it can’t read Twitter comments.

Elsewhere, people were debating if the robot was computer-generated or not.

Though, according to Engineered Arts, the robot is not CGI and was designed as a “platform for AI and human-robot interaction (HRI),” while also calling it the “most advanced humanoid robot” from their company.

There’s good news for those robot worriers out as Ameca cannot currently walk yet and can only move its upper body - however, there are future plans in “upgrading its abilities over time” to get Ameca walking, so watch this space...

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