Android or Apple? For many this is beyond a purchase, it's a question of identity.

Jokey arguments often ensue, particularly when an Apple user needs a specific charger.

These do cut to the core of many people, a question of style (it does have an apple on the back) versus versatility and programming nerdery.

The marketing divisions know this, and so the adverts for the products become almost tribal shows of strength, firing pot shots at each other.

Samsung has a new advert, that rips into Apple like none before.

'Growing Up' shows an Apple devotee going through countless upgrades, adapters, hours spent charging, and the infamous headphone jack debacle, going from 2007 to the present day.

It documents all the usual problems and hacks iPhone fans have had to learn over the last decade: using rice to dry out a drowned iPhone, the lack of storage, the screen size.

Consumers on both sides of the great schism have reacted strongly.

After seeing the ad, are you an Android or an Apple fan?

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