<p>A scientist explains in a TikTok video the three different times in our lives that our body ages.</p>

A scientist explains in a TikTok video the three different times in our lives that our body ages.


According to a scientist, there are three different times in our lives where our body ages the most, and if you’re hitting your mid-thirties, we’ve got bad news.

We all perceive the process of ageing to be a continuous and gradual decline - but we are apparently mistaken.

In his video, @asapscience explains that the first stage is at 34 (which is a LOT younger than we were expecting), the second stage happens when we are 60 year old and the final stage is when we’re the grand old age of 78.

Is anyone else freaked out?!

The TikToker describes the first stage as a “major biological shift” and describes it as “absolutely mortifying” as he himself is reaching this milestone.

He goes on to say that “we don’t exactly know why this happens”, but how do scientists recognise these three stages?

“...researchers have found out is at those ages, there’s around 1300 proteins in the blood that suddenly change.

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“So up until 34, they’re relatively stable and consistent. And then there’s a big change. And then between 34 and 60, it’s consistent again. And then another big change.

The same goes for 78.”

The science TikToker goes through each stage of ageing (34, 60 and 78).

@asapsceince says that just by looking at our blood, scientists are able to predict people’s ages within a few years.

The TikTok now has over 940,000 views, 138,000 likes and 5,000 comments with alarmed 33 and 34-year-olds people who were unaware of this fact:

One person wrote: “✍🏻pass✍🏻away✍🏻at✍🏻33✍🏻.”

“Bestie, I’m 33. so do you recommend that I simply just die now?” A second person commented.

Another person said: “POV: you’re 34 this year 💀💀💀.”

“I’m 34 and have noticed big changes in my face and I have like 25 white hairs now,” a fourth person replied.

Well, it looks like our 34th birthday’s won’t be a fun occasion at all, someone pass me the anti-aging cream...

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