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Here's why the eclipse might be giving you weird dreams

Here's why the eclipse might be giving you weird dreams
How to watch a partial solar eclipse

If you’ve been having some strange dreams recently and don’t know why it may be down to astrology and the solar eclipse in Scorpio. Here’s why it’s messing with your dreams.

Whether or not you’re an astrology sceptic, eclipses are associated with increased reports of agitation, unusual dreams and sudden bursts of creativity.

On October 25, Scorpio is in eclipse, and with the sign being associated with death, rebirth and transformation, you may notice your dreams becoming wilder.

It is the first solar eclipse of eclipse season, which always comes in twos or threes The next one will be a lunar eclipse in Taurus on 8 November.

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During a solar eclipse, which occurs during a new moon, the moon passes between the Earth and the Sun, temporarily obscuring the sun’s light.

For the next two weeks of eclipse season, you may bounce from feeling drained to buzzy and energised.

The effects will also impact your dreams. If they’re recurring it’s your sign not to ignore them and to embrace the messages the universe may be sending you.

The eclipse is happening towards to South Node of Scorpio – an area associated with the release. Astrology expert Chani Nicholas explained: “That means the focus will be on allowing necessary endings to occur. It will be a time to let your system reset and protect your energy.”

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