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This man spent 10 hours scrolling to the bottom of a Spreadsheet, and no one quite knows why

Hunter Hobbs/YouTube

How many rows are there in an excel spreadsheet, and how long would it take you to scroll to the bottom?

No, this isn't a riddle and there's no metaphor here at all.

The answer is 1,048,576 rows and roughly nine-and-a-half hours.

YouTuber Hunter Hobbs is the man behind this discovery. We're not sure why he did it. We're not even sure he knows why he did it.

As he himself says, it's the...

Dumbest challenge ever that someone had to do.

He's not wrong.

Energy drinks, pizza, paddle balls and one index finger seem to have been the casualties of this noble experiment.

All for science.

Hunter Hobbs is the hero 2017 needs.

Watch the nightmarish video for yourself, below:

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