The comments on this Facebook post might restore your faith in the internet

If you haven't heard of Man Who Has It All, you should have.

It's a brilliant parody account that lampoons the type of language we use when talking about women and showing how absurd it is by changing the subject to male:

Anyway. A tweet and Facebook post put up by the account read as follows:

Being called a Policewoman doesn't bother me at all, because I know it covers both women and men.

While the original post is quite amusing, it was the comments and replies that had us in stitches.

Why change a term for men who probably just slept their way into a job? Everyone knows that male policewomen aren't as skilled or adept as females. You think they got there by merit? Pecs and abs. That's it.

Sean sweetie you meninists are all the same - deep down you're insecure and angry and you just want a woman to take care of you. You should practice your baking skills instead of trolling online - you'll never catch a wife if you don't have those traditional manly skills.

Andrew's pretty fit. Not sure he wouldn't be a distraction for other policewomen. We need our policewomen to be able to focus on their work.

Right. He's probably no good at the job either - they just hire the boys because they look cute in the uniform.

I'm actually really uncomfortable at the idea of male policewomen. I just don't see how their natural aggressive and dominant traits mesh well with a job that requires such people skills. Women are naturally more suited to being policewomen. I just don't feel safe with so many male policewomen out there. Men should stick to what their biology dictates.

Yeah, it's not that I'm sexist. I'm concerned for their safety and well-being. Nature is always going to win out.

Well, I am all for equality and stuff, don't get me wrong, but being a policewoman is a job of high responsibility and requires focus, sobriety, discipline, and insight. Males as we all know are very hormone-driven and think of sex each seven to nine seconds (and it is not me, it is biology and science proving that). How are they supposed to work in such a delicate field full of responsibilities, intricacies and criminals? Of course, not all men are the same, so if andrew is a competent male policewoman, power to him.

I'm glad you added that last line, after all I work with some men who are actually able to behave enough like women to fit in appropriately. I'm sure some of them might even make good policewomen... I just hope they don't call in sick all the time when that time of the month comes around.

It's great because having a male policewoman available can help in the more delicate situations, freeing policewomen to get on with the tougher jobs.

I just don't see how he will balance being a good husband and father with his job. Like follow your dreams but don't neglect your family. #canthaveitall

This is really dangerous. A male policewoman could be incapacitated by a single blow to the testicles. It is unacceptable to put the lives of citizens and policewomen at risk for the sake of political correctness. What his mother must be thinking right now... I would never raise my son to chase after something so dangerous and unnatural.

Good on Andrew. It can't be easy for men doing such skilled and intelligent work. Maybe Andrew will be a role model for other men wishing to enter the force.

A lot of people have been talking about his poor wife... I think they're missing the point here. Andrew is clearly gay. Why else would he be wanting to work in such a feminine field, if not to emulate women? He can't be a real man if he wants to be a policewoman. Mind you, I think that about all meninists. Grow your leg hair and start acting like men!

For all of you who say that the comments here are discriminatory, I just want to say that I have a male friend, and I asked him, and he says that they're not. So that's settled then.

A comments section that doesn't make you despair about how women are treated on the internet? Brilliant.

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