Picture: Champions Against Bullying/Deutsch
Picture: Champions Against Bullying/Deutsch

The internet can be a horrible place sometimes. People frequently send abuse using a cloak of anonymity and cyberbullying is rife.

To try to counteract this, US anti-bullying charity Champions Against Bullying has teamed up with advertising agency Deutsch to create the NiceBot.

The bot sends out a friendly tweet every 36 seconds and the aim of its creators is eventually to reach 300 million Twitter users - which, as AdWeek points out, will take 342 years.

While it only launched this week, it has already sent out nearly 5,000 positive messages.

While spam is normally thought of as something negative, we figured that if the message was simple and positive enough, people would respond favourably—and maybe even be tempted to spread some niceness themselves.

  • Jeff Vinnick, Deutsch
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