These adverts are about to take over your Facebook

An example of a cinemagraph from Ann Street Studio (Picture: Kevin Burg/Jamie Beck)

Facebook is reportedly hoping to up the quality of advertising on its site by introducing these partially-moving images known as cinemagraphs.

An article in AdWeek explains that Facebook hopes the hypnotising images will captivate someone browsing the site and may actually make them pay attention to the advertising for just a few seconds longer.

Cinemagraphs were created by artists Kevin Burg and Jamie Beck who have provided adverts for brands in the past, like these glasses for Armani:

The images have already been used for ads on Tumblr and AdWeek says advertising firms have been briefed by Facebook about using cinemagraphs in the near future.

While most people probably won't want more adverts on their Facebook page, at least these might act as a classy barrier between the excessive photos of other people's babies, envy-worthy holiday snaps and LOL cat videos:

You can see more of the Ann Street Studio cinemagraphs here.

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