These are the 10 most valuable brands in the world

The eye-watering figures below show just how much the most valuable brands of 2015 are worth.

American companies dominated the list, with Samsung and Toyota the only companies from elsewhere in the world (South Korea and Japan, respectively).

1 Apple – $145.3bn (£92bn) 2 Microsoft – $69.3bn (£44bn) 3 Google – $65.6bn (£42bn) 4 Coca-Cola – $56bn (£36bn) 5 IBM – $49.8bn (£32bn) 6 McDonald’s – $39.5bn (£25bn) 7 Samsung – $37.9bn (£24bn) 8 Toyota – $37.8bn (£24bn) 9 General Electric – $37.5bn (£24bn) 10 Facebook – $36.5bn (£23bn)

Source: Forbes

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