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This is Britain's favourite video game

Candy Crush is apparently the most popular video game/video game series in Britain, narrowly beating Grand Theft Auto to top spot.

YouGov arrived at the below list by asking 3,300 people what the best video game of all time is, and then worked out a ranking by asking 1,700 other people whether or not they liked the games listed.

1 Candy Crush

2 Grand Theft Auto

3 Fifa

4 Call of Duty

5 The Sims

6 Civilization

7 Mario Kart

8 Super Mario

9 Tomb Raider

10 Tetris

11 Championship/Football Manager

12 Pac-Man

13 Sonic

14 Final Fantasy

15 Space Invaders

16 Zelda

You can see the breakdown of how male and female gamers voted below, and see the full poll results here.

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