An article on Wired, which discusses coverage of Republican candidate Donald Trump, has led to possibly one of the greatest corrections digital media has ever seen.

The report, originally published at 8am on Wednesday, discussed Chris Christie's vacant expression and the role of 'marginal media' in politics, particularly Trump's campaign.

Courtesy of a still active chrome extension, the article was updated at 9.58am to end with this message:

The chrome extension in question was 'Make America's Hands Tiny Again', which replaces any mention of Donald Trump with the phrase 'Someone with Tiny Hands' - referring to recent debate about the size of the Republican frontrunner's digits (and, er, other parts of his anatomy).

Wired​ also made the mistake in an article published Monday, about election figurines.

The below correction was made on Wednesday, shortly after a ​Gizmodo​ article pointed out the additional error.

We can only apologise if the phrase occurs in any future indy100 articles...

Original picture: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

HT Julia Carrie Wong

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