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This is the biggest lie bosses tell their employees, according to the founder of LinkedIn

Linkedin founder Reid Hoffman
Linkedin founder Reid Hoffman

Reid Hoffman believes there's one big fat lie that employers are telling their employees. And he should know, being as he is the co-founder and chairman of LinkedIn - the "world's largest professional network".

According to Hoffman, who has just released a new book called The Alliance, the relationship between workers and their bosses is broken.

Employers want their workers to be loyal for the good of the company, while employees might easily look to move elsewhere in order to advance their career.

Over on Vox, Ezra Klein has run through the key points of Hoffman's tome and reports on the one big lie going on in the workplace.

"The biggest lie is that the employment relationship is like family," Hoffman says.

There are two versions of this lie, according to Hoffman. One where the employer has genuinely tricked themselves into believing this to be the case, and the other is where they want their employee to believe it.

"They really want the employee to be loyal to the company," Hoffman adds. "That's when it gets deceptive... you don't fire your kid because of bad grades."

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