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This man was totally busted by his wife thanks to Google Street view

A man who claimed he had given up cigarettes has been busted by Google.

Donny Riding, from Wirral, had been warned by doctors to give up smoking and make changes to his diet following a heart attack.

However, he ignored his doctor’s advice and began to smoke in secret without telling his wife, Julie according to the the Liverpool Echo.

His wife, Julie, told the paper Donny "stormed out" of the house after a fight which started when she found hobnobs in his car.

Later that day we’d heard that the street view camera was driving around.

When I checked it online I couldn’t believe it - there was no denying it now we’d seen it.

The image has now been replaced by a newer version, but the evidence can still be seen, thanks to a feature of Google Maps that allows users to look at older photos.

Watch out secret smokers, Google Street View is onto you.

(Original photo: Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

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