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This man will see roughly 5,000 more sunrises than you this year

This is Scott Kelly.

(Photo: Nasa)

Scott Kelly is an astronaut at Nasa who has been sent on a year-long mission into space in order to understand what happens to the human body for extended time periods in microgravity.

He will drink around 730 litres of recycled urine and sweat and will run 648 miles on a specialised treadmill, as he undertakes 383 experiments designed to test what his body has experienced in space.

He will exercise more than 700 hours to keep his bones, muscles and heart strong while taking the tests.

Also, most enviably, he will see 10,944 sunrises and sunsets during his year in space, while we will only see 684, because the International Space Station orbits the earth every 90 minutes.

As a result of this orbital pleasantry, Scott has also photographed several sunrises and sunsets during his time on the station so far.

He's just over halfway through his current mission and will continue his Twitter and Instagram updates, which you can follow if you wish.

The very best of luck to you Scott.

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