This website shows the scary amount of your online behaviour that can be tracked

A new website, called clickclickclick, has been created to make people aware of the extent to which they are monitored as they browse the internet.

The project, made by Dutch media comany VPRO and design company Studio Moniker, observes and comments on your behaviour in the window.

The site encourages users to turn on their audio, as a sterile and professional voice will also comment about your mouse activity.

There is also a button, to throw into the mix, as well as an achievement counter.

Studio Monkier designer Roel Wouters told VPRO that the experiment was conceived to remind people about privacy and big data:

It seemed fun to thematise this in a simple and lighthearted way.

Fellow designer Luna Maurer said:

I am actually quite internet aware, but I am still very often surprised that after I watched something on a website, a second later I get instantly personalised ads.

So next time you're flitting about and see a targeted advert that's just a little too targeted, remember.

Big Brother is watching you.


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