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Even Trump supporters are not happy about the president's plans to ban TikTok

Donald Trump's vow to ban TikTok in the United States has attracted some unlikely push back from some of his own supporters.

On Friday, the president told reporters that he would be looking at using his executive powers to ban the video-sharing app , which is owned by a Chinese company, due to security fears.

Trump had hinted that he could enforce the block as soon as Saturday but at the time of writing, that is yet to happen. TikTok has pushed back with a statement where they explained that they are attempting to make the app safer and more secure.

Trump's announcement caused many TikTok users to fear the worst and began to say goodbye to the app with others trying to find alternative ways to carry on using it even if it is banned.

Now Trump's decision is being criticised by even his own supporters. As reported by The Daily Dot , a conservative group called 'Conservative Hype House' who have more than 1.4 million followers on TikTok, claiming that the app is trustworthy and highlighting the measures it has taken to protect their users in the United States.

In a video , one of the members of the group, Cameron Higby encourages followers to add them on Instagram before adding:

TikTok has an American CEO, and they’ve taken measures to make sure that the Chinese government cannot seize any information harvested on Americans. Every company, every social media company, harvest your information for marketing purposes. TikTok does the same thing except they live in a country where their government could seize that information. So I do not understand why this is happening.

In another video , Higby explained how the #MAGA hashtag is far more popular on the app than Joe Biden's equivalent and that by banning TikTok he could effectively sabotage his own campaign.

Higby also showed how TikTok is a more conservative app that what it would appear.

As well as Trump's security fears about TikTok, there have also been suggestions that his administration are worried about the app after teenagers were said to have contributed to the poor turnout at a rally the president held in Tulsa, Oklahoma , as well as mobilizing each other to leave bad reviews online of his companies and apps.

Bytedance, the Chinese company that owns TikTok, are reportedly considering selling the app to Microsoft, which may or may not sway Trump's decision.

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