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Gaming influencer perfectly shuts down sexist comments in live stream

Gaming influencer perfectly shuts down sexist comments in live stream

Twitch streamer and gamer ‘negaoryx’ went viral earlier this week after expertly shutting down a sexist troll during one of her latest streams.

Trolls are nothing new in Twitch chats, especially when women are streaming. Most people on Twitch – a live streaming platform – ignore them,  which negaoryx said she usually does. (Her real name is not public but her pronouns are she/her). But this time around, she had to call out the misogynistic behaviour

During one of her recent streams, someone in the Twitch chat asked about the colour of her underwear: “What colour is your thong today”.

Negaoryx, who has more than 100,000 followers on the platform, immediately responded in disbelief: “Respect women”.

She continued, giving an explanation as to why this type of question was so useless and inappropriate:

“What did you expect? Did you expect I was gonna be like, ‘Blue, why do you wanna find out? Here’s my number!’ Like, what do you think people are going to do, my dude? Like, how do you expect this going any other way than how it went,” she said.

While that might have been the end of it, another person on the chat deflected by saying that she couldn’t take a joke.

Here’s why that excuse doesn’t work:

“The rest of us can still joke, you can’t because you were never joking in the first place, you were just being a misogynistic, sexist piece of s***,” negaoryx said.

“And then, you don’t like hearing that because someone’s holding a mirror up to you and it makes you uncomfortable because you know you and you know the parts of you that are good. So in your heart, you have to come up with a narrative that makes you feel better about the fact that somebody’s asking you to confront the parts about yourself that you hate the most.”

The streamer uploaded the clip to Twitter on Tuesday saying, “99% of the time, I ignore trolls and ban them. 1% of the time, I do this”. The exchange quickly went viral, as it currently has over over 3.8 million views so far. 

Others were also impressed with her way with words, praising her “perfect explanation” of how so many women feel on gaming platforms. 

But when another person suggested she spend more time schooling sexists, “then most of my content would be dunking on trolls,” negaoryx pointed out.

“I ain't letting them run the show that often, I have games to focus on.” 

Well said.

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