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Rare two-headed pig born with four eyes and two snouts

Rare two-headed pig born with four eyes and two snouts
Two-headed pig born in Honduras due to rare genetic condition
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A rare pig born with two heads has been born.

The baby swine has four eyes and two snouts. Each head has one ear and the Siamese pigs share the same body.

The little piglet was filmed by Valentín Mora in Honduras and can be heard snorting and oinking in distress while being held by a handler

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The deformity is known as axial bifurcation. It happens when an embryo splits into two separate organisms to make twins but the process is incomplete.

The mutation happens to animals as well as humans.

Previously we've seen all sorts of creatures born with the deformity including bats, snakes, deers and cows.

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Elsewhere a collector recently paid £1,200 for five pig fetuses in a jar at auction. Henry Scragg told Channel 4's The Greatest Auction: "Most people wouldn’t see the beauty in a jar of pickled pigs, or at least they would be afraid to admit they like it because then they might be deemed a weirdo."

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