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UFO expert gives unsettling warning that aliens have 'non-peaceful agenda'

UFO sightings spark alien invasion fears , UFO hunter claims

UFO expert Malcolm Robinson said that aliens have already visited Earth - and claims they have an agenda that isn't peaceful.

The expert, who has written over 10 books and investigated countless extraterrestrial sightings for the last 45 years, told the Daily Star that there are many sightings of the beings that aren't quite understood.

However, Robinson said that the UFO "enigma" is "very real."

"What is in no doubt is that the UFO enigma is real, very real, it has been with us throughout time.

"We see this in Renaissance paintings and old cave paintings, these strange shapes and entities," he told the outlet.

When the Daily Star asked Robinson what aliens are looking for in humans, Robinson said that it's evident they have an agenda, but they can't "speculate."

Still, he doesn't think that the plan is particularly "peaceful."

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"I wouldn't say they are peaceful due to the thousands of UFO abductions worldwide."

Robinson started devolving into all things UFOS at 20 years old after he tried to prove that the sightings were not real- but he was proved wrong.

Afterwards, he gave lectures in the UK, Europe, and America and even had chats about his theories with people like renowned filmmaker Steven Spielberg.

In 1979, Robinson founded Scotland's oldest current UFO and paranormal activity society, Strange Phenomena Investigations.

The expert's countless years of investigation have also caused him to get to the bottom of dramatic situations, including Scotland's first-ever alien abduction.

This event allegedly saw Edinburgh residents Garry Wood and Colin Wright being carried away on August 17, 1992, which is now considered the "A70 Incident."

The duo was driving on the A70, which is considered a "desolate stretch of road," when they were met with a "two-tiered disc-shaped object" that seemed out of the norm. The object was hovering about 20 feet above the road's surface.

They ended up speeding away, believing they had escaped. However, they lost an hour and a half worth of memory and started to experience headaches days later.

According to Daily Star, Robinson became involved in this case, conducting research and hypnotizing the men to see what happened that day.

"That hypnotherapist was Helen Walters, a dear friend of mine and someone who would treat both Garry and Colin with the utmost care," Robinson wrote.

"Both Garry and Colin are left feeling bemused by what happened to them," Robinson wrote.

This isn't the first time alien talk was considered non-peaceful.

Self-proclaimed TikTok time traveller @timevoyaging said that "hostile aliens" who built the pyramids in Egypt were supposed to make a return on Christmas Day 2022.

A 68-year-old fisherman named Calvin Parker claimed to have been abducted by extraterrestrials "50 years ago" and was warned about Covid-19 and WW3.

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